Contents of the Current Issue (IJSI, Vol. 2, No. 1, 2012)   


Sustainability Assessment of Biomass Energy Utilisation Suitable for Small and Large Scale Initiatives in East Asian      Countries     1

Yuki Kudoh, Masayuki Sagisaka, Sau Soon Chen, Jessie C. Elauria, Shabbir H. Gheewala, Udin Hasanudin, Jane Romero, Yucho Sadamichi, Xunpeng Shi  and   Vinod K. Sharma`

A Framework for Selection of an Appropriate Technology for Wastewater Treatment:  Incorporation of Sustainability Criteria and Experts' Opinion...................................... 11

Pradip P. Kalbar,  Subhankar Karmakar and Shyam R. Asolekar

Life Cycle Energy Analysis of the Interior Materials in an Office Building of Mumbai

Sandhya Patil

Trade and Development Implications of Sustainability Initiatives: Case of Carbon Labelling        

Xunpeng SHI

Review of Clean Development Mechanism in Energy Demand Sector

Mayuri Naik, Sareeka Tambe, Anju Singh, Seema Unnikrishnan, Neelima Naik and Aditee Potdar

Estimation of the Bioenergy Production Potential by Expansion of Energy Crop Plantation in the Northern Thailand      

Yucho Sadamichi, Natanee Vorayos, Yuki Kudoh and Masayuki Sagisaka

A Comparison of Legislation on Environment and Climate Change Issues in BASIC Countries    

Aditee Potdar, Anju Singh, Seema Unnikrishnan and Neelima Naik

Accounting for the Sustainable Use of Fossil Fuel Reserves in India

Shalini Saksena

Management of Toxic Metals in Coal Fly Ash

Lokeshappa B. and Anil Kumar Dikshit

Sustainable Management of  Wastewater from Distilleries

Nagabhushan B Biliangadi and Anil Kumar Dikshit

Issues in Sustainable Leachate Control and Management in India

Shabiimam M.A. and Anil Kumar Dikshit